Glad you had a great weekend!

Thanks for your interest in the alien species. We are very aware of the invaders and it is an ongoing problem and a task that with our limited resources gets ahead of us. We only have one farm worker and he tries to keep removing the aliens as he can. With so many guests now we do not get enough time to work there ourselves.

I did not see Bug Weed last time I walked to the river ~ I try to remove them as they appear. If the neighbours do not control their plants the seeds flow downriver to us.

The Cacti are INCORRIGIBLE! They regrow from dead pieces and we have tried to avoid poisons so far but I am losing hope so any advice would be gratefully received. We belong to the Brandbach Concervancy and I recently received some info on effective products.

We were told that the acacia is not the problem Wattle. Let me know if you think otherwise.

We try to keep the ground as natural as possible and protect the wonderful wildlife we are so privileged to enjoy here and a it is a joy to be able to share it with others!

Great weekend at the Secret Valley ? nearly 70 bird species seen of which highlights were European Honey Buzzard, Black Sparrowhawk and Amur Falcon as well as four cuckoo species (Red-chested; Diederik; Black; Great Spotted), sign of no less than 6 mammal species (we only saw Greater Kudu, but had tracks or dung of Black-backed Jackal, Grey Duiker, Bushpig, Porcupine and Jameson?s Red Rock Rabbit) and a great sighting of a Lobatse Hinged Tortoise.
Jameson's red rock rabbit dung
Lobatse Hinged Tortoise
Bushpig tracks
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Grey duiker tracks
Black-backed jackal tracks
(Thanks to Sue Snyman for posting the above pictures on FB.)
(Thanks to Christal van Tonder for posting the above pictures on FB)